Paid Family Medical Leave

Expand options for families!

Everyone deserves to feel peace of mind when taking time away from work to care for loved ones and themselves.  

Our Goal

Congress is talking about new ways to approach paid family medical leave and FMLA laws in COVID-19’s aftermath. Protecting Every Future supports practical proposals that create more access to paid leave for today’s workforce. 

A Modern Paid Leave System…

Builds on coverage that is already available.

Congress should build on paid leave coverage already available through employers and get behind public/private partnerships that support small businesses.

Expands the availability of paid family and medical leave coverage to those that do not have employers.

Self-employed people, independent contractors, freelance workers and “gig” workers such as app based rideshare and delivery, need flexible paid leave options.

Works to close coverage gaps.

The insurance industry paved the way for a modern paid leave framework. 62 million workers are already covered under employer-based paid leave insurance. Keeping this system in place frees up resources to make sure no one is left out.

Tell Congress – Take PFML Seriously!

Workers need a reliable paid leave program. Americans cannot afford to wait for the government to figure out a complex program from scratch. Tell Congress we need to modernize in ways that:  

  • Expand standards to include income protection. 
  • Build on experienced private paid leave frameworks.
  • Help employers understand and leverage PFML resources.