Springing Into Action 

It’s officially April and the spring season; so let’s talk about financial literacy. Do you own a life insurance policy? Are you saving for retirement? Do you have proper coverage in case of an unexpected life event? We’re going to help you kickstart your financial literacy with a few crucial resources and tools you can use! 

What is life insurance? Why is it important?

Life insurance is an important tool to provide financial protection to your family. It can help cover daily living expenses, pay the mortgage, and fund education tuition when you are no longer around. 
Life Happens has a life insurance calculator that can help you understand what policy would benefit you best, based on how much income you would like to provide for your loved ones in case of an unexpected event. If you want to calculate your life insurance needs, click here to get started. You can check out this NAIFA video to learn more on how life insurance can make a difference:

Preparing for a secure retirement

In an ever-changing economy, it is important to make sure you are prepared with enough income after retirement to live. 

Washington protected these resources by passing legislation in recent years like The SECURE Act of 2019  and The SECURE 2.0 Act, which further safeguards guaranteed income for life, protects pension holders, and offers more retirement savings opportunities for small businesses. However, there is still work to be done. Learn wants happening this year with retirement security and how it’s helping savers: https://impact.acli.com/more-can-be-done/ 

Supplemental benefits

Supplemental benefits insurance provides cash that fills in the gaps not included in your primary medical insurance coverage – and comes into play in the case of an unexpected life event, such as a cancer diagnosis, critical illness or a major medical issue. Our March blog post talks a little more about how supplemental benefits can be a helping hand for certain demographics, like women with children. Below are more resources you can check out on these benefits: