Budget Protection

What is Supplemental Benefits insurance and how does it provide financial protection?

Even with medical insurance, a sudden illness or serious medical issue often results in unexpected costs for families. Supplemental Benefits insurance completes the financial protection puzzle and provides cash that fills-in the gaps not included in your primary medical insurance coverage.

This type of supplemental coverage protects your budget against costs not covered by major medical insurance. Some plans may include:

Accident-only: Financial protection for unexpected, out-of-pocket costs like deductibles  and uncovered services needed as the result of an accident.

Critical Illness: Benefits triggered by medical events due to major illnesses.

Specified Disease: Pays benefits when an individual is diagnosed with specific medical conditions listed in the policy.

Hospital Indemnity: Added protection from out-of-pocket costs incurred due to a hospital admission, outpatient or office-visit care.

Our Goals

Urge DC lawmakers to keep these products accessible and affordable.

Support policies that make more types of these products available so people can find what’s right for them.

Help people understand Supplemental Benefits insurance as a piece of the financial security puzzle.