Advocacy in your community- Part 1

Now that we have welcomed the new Congress, you may have a new Representative or Senator serving your region. We think it is important that every American is armed with knowledge on how our government works and what we can do to make our voices and interests heard.

Here’s how you can stay updated on important policies and movements in your community that impact financial security.

  1. Understand financial investments where you live.
  2. Learn what others have to stay and speak up!
  3. Sign-up for alerts on policy proposals in your community.

Understanding financial investments where you live…

Across the country, different areas have different needs. In Arizona, for example, nearly $335 million in agricultural loans provides working capital for farmers and ranchers to upgrade equipment and sell crops. From Tucson to Flagstaff, more than $5 billion invested in retail and industrial mortgages is working to help business owners grow new locations.

Communities in Rhode Island on the other hand, grow with investments in education and are working toward building multifamily homes and apartments in neighborhoods across the state.

Check out #MeetingTheMoment for Communities to learn about investments in your area.

This series will unlock the importance of becoming an advocate in order to fight for financial policies that work for Americans.

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