Share Your Story Submission: Life Insurance Was One Of The Best Parenting Decisions I Made

By: Kristin Abbott

Like many others, getting pregnant did not come easy for me.  I spent months disappointed and worried that it would never happen.  I spoke with doctors, took tests, had surgery, took medications, suffered chemical pregnancies, etc. Even with all that, I know I still had it easier than so many others. After it all, I was blessed with two wonderful children. They are my everything. The struggles I went through to get them has made me even more grateful for their presence in my life.

I finally became pregnant with my first child, and my husband and I knew we were expecting a growing baby boy. We began imagining the life we wanted for him. We started planning future family vacations, holidays, milestone achievements. We pictured him pursuing an education, a career, a family of his own.  We put so much love and hope into our family vision. 

But after that initial euphoria, the fear set in. How were we going to do this? What would we do if something happened to one of us? We knew we had to do something to protect this tiny little human who already became our whole world. There was not much we could guarantee, but we could ensure his financial security.

Life insurance was the obvious solution. We explored all the options available, factored in our budget, and settled on term life insurance. We knew the majority of the expenses related to raising our family would occur over the next twenty years, so it made the most sense to secure our finances. The policies would cover the most basic needs of our family for a couple of years. We were surprised at how affordable the coverage was, and grateful to provide that protection for our young family.

A few years later our family grew again with the arrival of our daughter. Our financial needs and budget changed in that time, so we increased our coverage and added an additional policy.

I truly believe one of the best parenting decisions we made was buying life insurance. It provides our family with financial security and peace of mind. I hope we never have to use our policies, but knowing they are there has allowed us to focus on our dream for the future.