Our Favorite TikTok and Instagram Accounts on Money Management

Financial security starts now, with the decisions you make every day. For recent graduates  topics like debt, investing, and insurance might seem like something to tackle later in life. However, it’s important to start early. The good news is people are taking to social media to break down common misconceptions about building financial security.

👇 Some of our favorites. They each take a creative approach to explain finance and budgeting in everyday conversations.


Accounts: Instagram (219K Followers)/ TikTok (1.6 Million Followers)

Topics: Personal Finance Good For: People looking to understand financial concepts, this account’s great story telling ability to simplify personal finance is a great starting point for everyone.


Accounts: Instagram (13.2K Followers)/ TikTok (72K Followers)

Topics: Paying down debt/ side jobs/ long term investing Good For: People looking for creative ways to make money on the side to either pay down debt or build their financial security assets.


Accounts: TikTok (499.5K Followers)/ Instagram (22.1K Followers)

Topics: Financial education Good For: Individuals looking to increase their financial literacy, this account adds humor to financial and investment questions.


Accounts: Instagram (55.4K Followers)

Topics: Investing/ Personal Finance/ Budgeting Tools Good for: Anyone first learning about personal finance and wants to get familiar with investing terminology.


Accounts: TikTok (30.8K Followers)

Topics: Motivation, Business Concepts, Beginner Investments Good For:  Young adults just getting acquainted with business and investing processes. This account offers high level advice and motivation for people getting started.