Share Your Story Submission: How I Ended Up Working For The Life Insurance Industry

I like to try new things, especially in my career. Growing up, I never planned on working in the life insurance industry.  Perhaps I would become a marine biologist, but my fear of sharks got in the way.  Or maybe I would be an archeologist… but changed my mind when I learned it was nothing like Indiana Jones. 

Fresh out of college I tried teaching for a while, but I quickly realized I did not have the patience needed for the taxing role of being a teacher. After a few other career moves, I found myself with an opportunity to work for the life insurance industry. Given my family’s career history, I am surprised it did not cross my mind sooner. 

After World War II my Grandfather opened a small business offering property and casualty insurance. My dad and uncle continued the family insurance business throughout their careers as well. My father-in-law spent much of his working life as an actuary for the life insurance industry. My mother-in-law got her start in insurance too, as an executive assistant. She eventually became a marketing intelligence analyst and now leads a life product development team. My step-father-in-law also worked in life insurance. He did everything from sales to  compliance, and life product development. 

Ultimately, I have found a really challenging and fulfilling career in life insurance. It is a stable industry, offering competitive pay and work/life balance. I like knowing that if I start to feel restless, there are so many different career paths and companies to explore. I find reassurance knowing that, should I need to move for any reason, opportunities to work for the industry exist all over the world. And I appreciate the mission to provide American families with products for protection, long-term savings, and a guarantee of lifetime income when it is time to retire.

The work I do in life insurance may not be as exciting as that of Indiana Jones, but, considering my fear of snakes and spiders, I am confident I am in the right place.