Advocacy in your community – Part 3

This is the final stretch of our 3-part series on advocacy in your community. This series is intended to help prepare anyone concerned about policies or laws that can impact financial protection.

In Advocacy in your community – Part 1 we discuss the importance of understanding investments where you live. Advocacy in your community – Part 2 demonstrates the power of our words and gives details on how you can share your story and be featured with Protecting Every Future.

The final topic for discussion is how to stay aware of new policy proposals about financial protection when they are actually happening. Most of us are busy, and do not have the bandwidth to keep up every other thing happening in politics. Further, financial policy can be complex and hard to follow as it is. One of the most important things we can do, is find ways to be aware, and get alerts when the timing is right.

At any moment, policymakers can introduce a bill that impacts what financial protection looks like in your community.

Signing up for Protecting Every Future means we will keep you informed on financial policy proposals in your community. There is no membership fee associated with joining. Our goal is strictly to help keep you informed and make it easy to understand important changes to financial policies across the country.

Advocacy for change starts at the community level and keeps going. The more we know, the more we can band together and make our voices heard!

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