We Believe in Protecting Every Future

Protecting Every Future is a network of diverse voices and people who believe in policies that protect and strengthen financial futures for every American during all stages of life. We are a program of the American Council of Life Insurers, and strongly support the financial protection industry’s response and efforts to address racial inequality.

Members of the life insurance community issued a joint statement saying,  

“Overcoming today’s agonizing rupture and advancing promise for all will require engagement by each of us – a resolve to face the pain, anxiety and frustration experienced by Black Americans and others subjected to prejudice. We must move forward with moral purpose, making contributions with our own abilities and sustained commitment. For our part – on behalf of life insurance companies, producers and financial educators – when we say we’re committed to providing financial security to all Americans, we mean it.”

The Protecting Every Future community is committed to overcoming racial injustice and believes everyone’s voice should be heard.

To learn more about ACLI and the financial protection industry’s response, visit ACLI.com/response