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Is it possible to outlive your retirement savings?

Many retirees can expect to live more than 30 years after leaving the workforce. Did you know Read More

Impacts of a Fiduciary-Only Rule on People Planning for Retirement

Government leaders should reject a fiduciary-only approach People planning for retirement deserve every option Read More

Know How You’re Protected in Financial Conversations

If you have trouble planning for your retirement, you are not alone. Investment options for retirement can be complex. Read More

A Pandemic and Life Insurance

After a year of economic curveballs from COVID-19, many of us are reviewing our finances to rebuild security. Just 54% Read More

COVID-19 and Financial Protection

Protecting Every Future, launched months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, our goal has been to provide Read More

Federal policies that impact financial security

We have a new U.S. President, and the Administration is getting to work. Although the election is over Read More

Importance of state level advocacy and financial policy

Financial policy is complex. Though attention in the news often points to activity at the federal level Read More

Advocacy in your community – Part 3

This is the final stretch of our 3-part series on advocacy in your community. This series is intended to help prepare Read More

Advocacy in your community – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 in our series about the importance of advocacy in your community. If you have not already Read More

Advocacy in your community- Part 1

Now that we have welcomed the new Congress, you may have a new Representative or Senator serving your region. We think Read More