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Economic Empowerment for Every American

Protecting Every Future is proud to be part of an industry that is committed to driving forward economic empowerment. Read More

Make Sure Your Loved Ones Get Their Money

By Jack Dolan We all love our secrets. But if you haven’t revealed – or have just plain forgotten – the location Read More

Share Your Story Submission: Gen Z: Financial Protection for A Long Future

Millennials get a lot of attention. Adults ranging from their mid-twenties to early forties make up the largest Read More

Share Your Story Submission: Chronic Illness: Planning for Good Fortune

By: Chanda Brady From the time my brother had his first seizure as a child, to now, more than twenty years later, he Read More

COVID-19 – Do I Need Life Insurance?

Do I need life insurance? This question may have crossed your mind or likely, the mind of someone you know. COVID-19 Read More

Share Your Story Submission: Life Insurance Was One Of The Best Parenting Decisions I Made

By: Kristin Abbott Like many others, getting pregnant did not come easy for me.  I spent months disappointed and Read More

Small business during COVID-19 – How life insurers are helping employers

All of us, and perhaps especially those involved with small businesses, are doing a lot of assessing and re-assessing Read More

Share Your Story Submission: How I Ended Up Working For The Life Insurance Industry

I like to try new things, especially in my career. Growing up, I never planned on working in the life insurance Read More

Share Your Story Submission: My Introduction To Life Insurance

As a youngster I spent a great deal of time either living or visiting my grandparents in the small southern town of Read More

Share Your Story Submission: I Wish I Had Not Canceled My Life Insurance Policy

I wish I had not canceled the life insurance policy that I bought early in my career. At the time Read More